21 November, 2010

White blouse #1 finished, and planning the second

Without much ado, blouse #1:

And here, with the belt - which I made loooooong enough for sure - wrapped twice around.  No doubt it'll also look better without the second belt holding up my jeans under it: you can see how it thickens up the hipline (yuk!).

You can also see just how very light is this fabric - doing a turned edge really wouldn't have worked, I fear. 

Completely see through - it'll never be worn IRL without a tank or cami under it.

Evaluating it for the design, I had deliberately made the shoulder line a little dropped, but now that I see it in action, I do believe that I'd prefer those seams to sit on, not fall off, my shoulder point.  Easy enough, and I already shifted them upwards by 1.5" before I put the pattern pieces away.  The waist darts in the back look like they could be brought in towards centre a little as well.

I'm thinking that my second blouse will share a few similarities with this one:  a cut-on collar and a waist tie.  I plan to base it on Burda 105-6-2009, a pattern which I already used some time ago to make this reversible silk dupioni jacket:

This one has an absurdly dropped shoulder.  You might think that this was my poor quality fitting, but not so! I cut my usual 38 and stay-stitched the necklines to ensure they don't stretch, and, if you look at the model jacket on a dummy, the dropped shoulder is quite evident.  Maybe someone in the drafting department forgot to shorten the shoulder of a jacket sloper originally intended to have linebacker shoulder pads (hello, eighties)?!   which of course are impossible to put into a reversible garment.  Whatevah - I'll just shorten the shoulder seams so the sleeves actually reach my shoulder. 
Here's what I like about this jacket:  the armhole princess seams, which shift the waist tie closer to centre, from way off on the side seam.  I'll change the collar-less lapels to a cut-on collar, and, instead of making it reversible, I'll -probably - add a facing as I did to the lightweight shirt above. Or, if I choose a heavier fabric, just do a facings-less hem and front edge, though I'll probably do at least an interfaced undercollar.


  1. I love the shape of both blouse and jacket. Even my hubby commented that they were vary flattering in the hip/waist area. I think I may be rubbing off on him... I must dig out that issue of burda. I really love that jacket, but totally didn't notice it in the mag.

  2. Lovely blouse! I particularly love that style of collar. I do think that you will get a crisper look if you shorten the shoulder seam. Can't wait to see the next blouse!

  3. That is a beautiful blouse. I also really like the jacket, I agree with Irene, I think you could shorten the shoulder length too.

  4. Nice looking blouse! I need to make some wrap blouses, since I hate making plackets.

  5. Great job, very chic. Nice inspiration.

  6. Digs: I couldn't find an email address for you so I'm answering your question here. Your Ottawa weather sounds wonderful compared to ours. I'm in Kamloops, BC. Isn't it amazing the range of temperatures across the country? Last week when Ontario was freezing, we were warm.

  7. omg. I love the reversible jacket. So chic!

  8. Yummy white blouse and love the variation/tweaking!