06 November, 2010

Tanks two to four

To finish the week, two tops in a very lightweight olive handkerchief linen, and one in a coarser, but very soft, zebra print linen, shown above.  There are minor variations on a theme here:  #2 is on the straight grain, #3 has a bias front, #4 is bias front & back with CF & CB seams, and a subtle v-neck both front & back.  I also lifted the bust darts and carved out a little bit at the waistline on #4, which gives it a very nice fitted tunic-y look & feel.

Here you can see them with potential matching overblouse fabrics: a very lightweight cotton voile with a cool combination of colours that include olive, grey, cream and pink/peach, and a solid sand-coloured lightweight linen (already laundered and clearly not yet re-pressed).  The linen was originally intended for another pair of slacks, but honestly - I do believe I already have enough of those!

I thought I could finish all five by week's end, but the last one didn't make it under the needle.  Yet.  I might finish it today. 

Carrying on!