06 November, 2010

How sewing fights boredom

 Simple:  play with your TNT pattern!

My last of this week's five tanktops is this ultra-lightweight cotton woven, finished just in time for dinner.  I got so deathly bored with four consecutive iterations of vented sides that I decided it needed a great big floppy bow to offset the, um, masculine to me, except for the colour of course, thread-woven plaid pattern.

The plaid is another of my Fabric Flea Market finds, picked expressly to go with the periwinkle, aka scrubs-coloured, linen (the UFO to  my left, courtesy of hubby-photographer :))).  As you see above, I have a little of the periwinkle linen left over - but the fabric is narrow, and it has some discolouration at one end - I may not be able to make an overblouse of it after all.

The hem band's execution is far from perfect, I'm afraid, but let's gloss over that:  no one but me will ever notice.  Better to focus on the wide-leg, but perfectly well-fitted linen trousers:

These are one of my elastic waistband super-fast jobs.  To make them work-worthy, I sewed front & back creases onto the legs.  Yes, they're loose fitting, but still a darn good fit in the butt, no?  

I do believe it's now time to turn to white blouse #1......


  1. Digs this is just amazing! And I love the tie you added to the bottom. You are moving right along with your production and it is turning into quite a wardrobe. But I have a question? How many yards of fabric have you moved out of your fabric collection now?

  2. I am so impressed with the wardrobe you are churning out. You are going to be one darn well dressed Bedouin!!

  3. Cute outfit, and fabulous job making all the tanks a little different. Great pants - I never thought about sewing in creases - good tip!

  4. You're amazing. Just like a factory! Just kidding. Much, much better than any factory could ever produce. I love the bow on the plaid tank.

  5. Really nice outfit and very flattering.