07 November, 2010

"Sky and sand" cotton jacquard pyramids: Soliciting YOUR advice

While I'm dithering on the white blouse, my mind is already racing ahead to next  month's projects.  I recently bought a few yummy yummy fabrics from Emma One Sock.  Today I'll discuss only one of them:
Click to see it really up close!
Gorgeous, eh?  Turquoise, dark teal, purple, and sand, with gold edging to the triangles, and all woven together in quite a striking jacquard.  Cotton, I think.  Washed well, and irons very well.

It has no crosswise stretch whatsoever, but it does have a (very) little lengthwise, so that's why it's hanging (on an ironing board, with a meter stick for scale) with the selvedge running horizontally.  That said, the stretch is so small that it probably makes no difference - the fabric would probably work just as well with the diamonds oriented the  other way.

Next month I'll want to make a jacket out of it.  It'll be one of my wardrobe's anchor pieces next year, and it'll see lots of wear.  How about YOU  point me to a pattern you'd find suitable for this cloth, and tell me what technical challenges I'd have to overcome.  Yeah, help me out.  Please.  I have a terrifically tough time making decisions. And the blogosphere is so full of wonderfully creative fabric artists - yes, you!  So have a little fun: you get play with outré ideas, I get to do all the work :)

Here's another shot to help you visualize it in the "correct" direction.

Go for it!

ETA:  After laundering, I have exactly 2 yards of this fabric, and it's 59" across.

(and thank you for your intriguing suggestions so far!)


  1. Hi Digs.- I think that this tissue supports many patterns. I would opt for a pattern with some complications, for example, a Miyake pattern, or similar. Something with oriental style.
    A pattern of simple lines, may be too classic look for this material.
    By the way, the fabric is beautiful.



  2. Hmmmm. Just how much pattern matching do you want to get into? Love the fabric. It's beautiful. How about McCalls 5941 (few seams) or McCalls 5937 (much more matching required)?

  3. Beautiful fabric! How much do you have of it?

  4. OK - let's see how complicated you want to get. Something like this can work in a Koos van den Akker sort of way, but don't like a lot of his current patterns, but Marcy Tilton has a good one - Vogue 8676...and I did up a little mock-up...you'd have to draw in some seams, but this could be fun.