12 November, 2010

Make a Keyhole Scarf for someone you love!

Like your sister, your mother, your daughter, ...., yourself! 

Kay and I let ourselves loose on the silk chiffons on sale at our local Fabricland yesterday, and I thought: what a perfect opportunity to try something I've been meaning to do ever since I saw the concept demonstrated.

The Keyhole Scarf!
 This one is made out of a 60cm cut of silk chiffon, 140 cm selvedge to selvedge. The length offers multiple wearing possibilities:

Ankh: looped once around and through the keyhole...

Artless: long end looped back around the neck

Ascot: looped back around the neck and tucked into the loop
This is definitely on my "make for the women in my life" Christmas list.  And that says a lot, because I'm not the "make stuff for people" type of crafty person AT ALL.

You already saw my little tutorial on the Möbius scarf - now pop on over to Kay's and Threads' tutorials for the Keyhole scarf. 


  1. Thanks for the loop-de-loop option ideas for wearing this type of scarf. I did make one a while ago from some blouse fabric leftovers, but I've only ever worn it as you have in the first picture. Your chiffon looks lovely!

  2. My goodness! You did not waste a minute yesterday and you found my instruction post before I got around to looking for it. Good on ya! And this looks quite fabulous; inspires me to make up my 60cm pieces.