12 November, 2009

Uncharted territory

This is about things we know; things we know we don't know; and things we don't know we don't know.

So, the body pieces are underlined; and the front yokes are interfaced with sew-in hair canvas, as per the photo at right. The canvas is a little smaller than the seam line, and it's zigzagged onto the underlining, and that is just attached around the SA's. So far so good.

We have the front & back technical view of the coat at right. In red I marked my added back yoke, with button, and the raglan sleeve seams I had to build into the back so the yoke can be attached. The uncharted territory here is whether I should also interface with hair canvas the top of the back, and the parts of the sleeves, front and back, to the shoulder line, as marked in blue with cryptic question marks. Well? Feeling a bit out of my depth here.

Also am uncertain whether I should interface (sew in? fusible? none?) the foldover front facings. Yes yes, jacket facings are interfaced, but the GCSA discussion on interfacings seemed to indicate that you only interface fronts to CF in coats. The fronts are already underlined with, and well attached to, a very stable fabric - I'll call that as good as interfaced. The facings however are not. Yet?

The front sleeve corners are nicely reinforced, and, as soon as I finish dithering about the rest of the underlining/interfacing, I'll be ready to put this puppy together.

And, in a final note, I posted my, ahem, success (?) on my first quasi-Chanel. Look at it and - weep? laugh? shake your head and say, cut off those leather buttons and round file the rest? To me, it looks just awful, and every photo I took looked at least as bad as these few. Surprisingly, it WAS very comfortable. Perhaps I should make it a StrictlyForRakingLeaves, wear on October 31st only, gardening garment?


  1. Hey there! The running total is a great idea. I'll try to figure out how to add that to the blog.

  2. Re the Chanel jacket - yes cut off the buttons since they are obviously not functional. I think I would also remove the hooks and treat the jacket as one to be worn open.

    Re the coat - in the dark ages, I was taught that the facings did not need interfacing (along with a hair canvas interfaced front).

    For the back you should not use hair canvas. The upper front shoulders, perhaps, will need it because they are attached to pieces that are interfaced. I would let it float inside the shoulder area since there is no seam there (attach it at the shoulder, front edges and bottom only). Or maybe you could find a fusible that you could use in that area only...