21 November, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

The shell of the coat, save for the collar and hemming, is done.
I interfaced the side yokes (thank you, Kay!), but left the back alone.

The back yoke:

It's interlined with a "tie silk" polyester windblock, and lined with the charmeuse.

I was ***PETRIFIED*** at sewing all the corners - this fabric is THICK. Nerve-wracking, 'twas.

Here's the front sleeve corner; it came out a little mushy. The other side's the same.

But the other four are lovely.

Upper front:

My piece de resistance, the back sleeve corner:
Admirable, eh? The other side is just as perfect. HOW on earth did I ever manage this hat trick????!!!! Hah! I sewed them BY HAND. Highly recommended. The machine would've botched the job.

Tried it on, and the fit's great (quite loose). Now I have to decide if I want to add a windbreak to the inside of the coat, and/or a warm layer under the lining. What say ye?


  1. Beautiful corners! (Even the "mushy" one looks pretty good I would say) What lining are you using? If it's just a layer of silk I would say to add something between for warmth and/or windstopping.

  2. Wow! Awesome (in the "fills me with awe" sense, rather than the "dude, like totally" sense) corners. This is going to be truly gorgeous when you finish. I vote for something cuddly in the middle, too. This looks like it wants to be a very cold weather sort of coat.

  3. I just finished reading your progrss posts on your coat and it coming along very nicely. Thanks for the close-up of the details. I plan to make another coat and this time wnat to use some type of windbreak between the lining & coat.

  4. Wow! You did a fabulous job on those corners - even the one you call "mushy"!