05 November, 2009

Let it snow!

Yea! Snow, snow, snow. First snow of the season here today: just a little mid-day, then these fabulous plate-sized flakes thickly swirling into a veritable blizzard as I wended my way home from the bus stop. Not at all dressed for the weather either, in teeny little high heels that turned my toes to icicles by the time I arrived at my door. Yes, I was totally nonchalant about the forecast this morning. And yes, I love me a good winter. Brilliant blue skies, brilliant sunshine, brilliantly white snow squeaking underfoot. Skiing, ah, skiing. And brilliantly colourful people against all that white shiny brilliance.

Today's few flakes won't stick. Yet, they give me permission to set aside my two Chanels - very temporarily - to get started on my new coat. It'll be this BWOF 115 coat from the Sept. 2009 issue, made up in the fabric & lining at left. Pure cashmere and silk charmeuse, people! I had declared these two fabrics in the Great Coat Sew Along last year, but wasn't convinced by any of the patterns. This time, I am. Check out the technical drawing of that coat! The yoke, the side panels, and, get this, front and back sleeves are on the bias!!! Chic and comfortable, what a winner.

I'll have to see if I have enough fabric, but I'm hoping to add a trench-style back-whatever-it's-called to it. It'll need re-drafting of the back sleeve to a raglan, but that's a cinch. And, if there's still more fabric left, a hood: we really need head & shoulders protection from the nasty westerlies here during the season. The hood might in fact take priority over the trench thingy.

Let it snow, yea!


  1. Love that pattern! The sleeves are so interesting and the tie is great. Your fabrics are stunning. I can't wait to see it!

  2. You picked a good one! And as usual the fabric combination you have chosen is fantastic!