15 November, 2009

A happy ending

Aka Death by Binding.

A month ago a Sweet Young Thing (SYT) asked me to make her a "big warm slouchy sweater with a hood, belt, and one huge button". Now, SYT knows I don't knit; although, I've seen some amazing stuff being produced by some extremely talented knitting bloggers, and I might just get tempted - perhaps in the next of my nine lives. As it happened, I was holding the October BWOF in my hand, and when it fell open to this Laid-Back Dress, I knew, after checking the tech drawing, that we had our big slouchy hooded cardigan.

We got 3 yds of a very intense bluish green boucle wool (photo credit Fabric Mart), and wow, does this stuff fray! So, to the fray! Ahem. Serged edges that were going to be in full view while framing SYT's gorgeous little face, was not an option. I never did the seam binding thing before, but I knew it was now or never. Halfway through the project it felt like never was quickly becoming a real option: this, I found myself fuming, is not seam binding but seam boooooring! Fiddly. Deadly. Dull. Unavoidable. Four packets of binding tape later, finished.

Is this the happy ending, you ask? Not a chance! The happy ending is that I knocked out, in no time flat, a (hoodless) sweater tunic-dress for MOI, using the same pattern and the remnant of the 3 yds! Howzzat for a winning hand!

It's night here now, but tomorrow, Scarlett, is another day; I'll get the junior fashion photog to exercise his talents by daylight, and we'll post the pics teh-marra.

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  1. That color is to die for.... now I want some teal boucle fabric.