25 November, 2009

Teeny tiny progress

I'm liking this blogging thing, BUT posting photos is too kludgy and takes too much time. Blogger developers, please take note & improve this!

That said, this post will of course have NO photos, even though sufficient progress has been made to warrant one (or two), because I'd rather keep on progressing than (o-oh, there's that word again!) WASTE my time patching in pictures. But, how's this for a deal? I'll take a few pics, and once I actually finish this coat (I do want to have it ready once winter sets in, which is going to be next week: highs of +2C coming!), I'll take the time to post them.

I've made my lining, and underlined it with a yellow cotton knit. Why a cotton knit? because it was a freebie from a FM mystery bundle, nice & beefy, I have tons of it, and I'm never going to make any yellow t-shirts. For anyone who lives here. Basta!

I've also built a windblock, using the same an-atomic-bomb-won't-dislodge-me "tie silk" polyester as what supports the back yoke. it has front, back, sides, and top sleeves to the elbows. It's just long enough to cover my behind, about 24", not full length. I'm sewing it onto the underlining tonight.

Finally, I went to Fabricland tonight to get the snaps. The lovely ladies there just looked at me pityingly and said, don't you know tomorrow's the members' sale?! Go home and have a glass of wine!
....so I did.


  1. Ah yes, the famous 50% off sale at F'land! I think I shall skip it; I'm heading to Montreal this weekend. Woo Hoo!

  2. Luckily,our Fabricville ladies are just as nice :)

    Hope you had fun shopping.