12 August, 2010

V1155 part 2: the fabric and the instructions

So here's the fabric - nice and lightweight, with lovely drape and natural sheen. It's ravelly, but other than that, and knowing I'll have to handle it carefully, I've no bone to pick with it whatsoever.

The pattern is not actually difficult. It's made up of 29 separate pattern pieces, some of which are facings, linings, and pockets, meaning that one will have to pay attention to matching all the various and sundry seam and dart lines during construction. 

Apart from that, it's no different than putting together a very limited jigsaw puzzle. Which we've all done at one time or another, with 500 or 1000 pieces, no less, making this akin to a cakewalk, in comparison.

The bizzare aspect of this pattern - bearing in mind that it is just a dress - is, get this, every piece is supposed to be interfaced.  That would be 8.5 yds of 20" wide fusible interfacing.  I can understand the designer's motivation to give it a bit of that otherworldly body and reduce drape, but to wholly interface it?  Big yuck factor here. Nope, I don't think so.  Instead, I'm seeing this as another application of my copious supply of silk organza as underlining.  Bodice and skirt, at least; I'll probably face the midriff and peplums with canvas, interface the lapels and collar, and just line the sleeves.  Oh, and the midriff facings?  Except for the outermost piece, I'm inclined to make them out of the lining material. 

Enough musings for the night.  


  1. Perhaps you can ask Carolyn (http://handmadebycarolyn.blogspot.com/2010/07/takes-bronze.html) about the interfacing. Is the interfacing to get the roll of the overlays and collar right?
    Anyhow, wish you luck!

  2. With so much interfacing, I would think this structured garment would stand on it's own like armour! I love the lines of it. Sew on!

  3. I am avidly following your progress on this dress. I have the pattern and loved the design but wasn't sure it was wearable by a normal person. Your muslin proved that is, especially with a lengthened skirt. I think your plan to use organza as underlining with your fashion fabric and interface other pieces with canvas etc. is a great alternative to the pattern recommended fuse fest.

  4. Hi, I just got the same pattern and I m so excited about putting it together soon! I am planing in making it in white and black and also use some black tull with dots on top on the white fabric in some parts but still not sure!..I wanna personalize the design as much as I can as I love to design and have been designing and sewing my own dresses without patterns LOL Anyway, I love a nice structured dress and would like to know whther you have finished this dress yet and if you have any pics? :)