26 August, 2010

Garden gnome

My everyday "garden casual" look has taken a turn for the better since I started sewing the Jalie tees. This one is their 2910 faux-wrap pattern, generously shared by fellow Ottawan KayY, the Sewing Lawyer - and the pic does double duty as a gentle nudge about our upcoming hosta date, when, Kay?

I do like this top, though it uses a little more fabric than the other ones, due to the fact that the fronts are duplicated, and the edging seemingly went on forever to pin down and sew;  me lazy, much?  Actually  Jalie would make you cut a shorter version of the "underneath" side and leave it hanging loose, but that really makes for an ugly finish and runs the risk of the loose edge showing through in the most unattractive place, right across waist/belly, so I cut it just 1 cm shorter than the overlapped side, and caught them together in the hem.

The garden slacks are probably my first effort from when I decided to start sewing again. They're pre-serger, generic poly microsuede, which was hell to sew (a very thin, sharp needle does help, but I still had skipped stitches galore), but, hooray, no edge finishing is needed.  They're about as easy and simple a pair of casual wear one can imagine:  I took a Burda envelope pattern for semi-fitted trousers, lapped the side seams and cut front+back in one (ie, making these "one-seam" pants), and added an elasticated waistband.  They make terrific casual wear, and are warm too, nice for someone who likes to be outside at the crack of dawn no matter what the temps.

Speaking of which - last night I pre-washed my new hankie linen twice in hot water, along with some lovely white crinkle cotton. Today, I have NO interest in the slightest in sewing these.  Our morning dawned heavenly damp and a lovely 15C - cool enough to throw a fleece vest over the top for at least the first 2 hours of the day - and I'm yearningly eyeing  my wools again.   I'm keen to get started on the Vogue 1155, the fabric has been pre-washed (cold water + 1 tbsp shampoo + 1 hr soak, delicate spin,  now drying on the hammock), so it's entirely possible some cutting may take place later today.

However.  My darling #2 child and only daughter, aka the beloved and beautiful green-eyed little witch, has made an executive decision to engage in a sewing vacation with The Not Totally Evil Mother!  Hah, I'm thinking, is she serious that I'm going to sew stuff for her (or worse, repair her torn jeans? ick!) while she sips wine on the deck?   What say ye, audience?  Wouldn't it be ever so much more fun to, 1. give her the run of my stash and patterns; 2. take her to Fabricland for more options; 3. set up my Husqvarna &/or  my precious new/old Singer 201K for her; and 4. together but separate, lead by example?! Yeah. I thought you'd agree with me. 


  1. A sewing vacation with Mom sounds totally fun! But your way! Make. Her. Sew.

  2. Hostas? Will consult with the Mr. but surely almost anytime will work...