08 August, 2010


Just three more weeks, just one more little excursion, and my traipsing round the world will be over for the season (any tips on good fabric stores around Los Angeles?).  In the meantime, I've a hankering for a quick and easy one-day project.  Like a merino wool knit top.

Say hello to my little Christchurch collection.   I sort of overdid it, rationalizing that this sort of stuff isn't readily available at home, and I certainly don't have to use it up all at once (perish the thought!), and the other skiers in my family might also appreciate a cosy layer when the temps hit -20C or less.  And and and.  Having had the opportunity to, ahem, "enjoy" the balmy and humid weather of Virginia - can you believe 106F (42C!) - during the past weeks, I can't wait for our beautiful and bright, crisp, white winter.  Soon enough, I know.

Where did I get these?  Four came from Fabric Bonanza on Bedford Row, and the rest from Global Fabrics on 223 Tuam Street. 

 Both are good stores. FB is attached to a couture shop, and their fabrics reflect what is being sewn there.  GF is much larger, and boy, do they have merino knits! Every weight, every colour of the rainbow - two giant double-tier tables of it, can you blame me for having had a very hard time controlling myself?!

The dark grey at left, the bright tomato red, and the silvery grey at extreme right are rib knits of different weights, and the bright blue plain knit is quite beefy.  My favourite is probably the heathered black-brown next to the red.  The collection has been through the wash now, and is back on the hammock playing chicken with the thunderclouds.  And if it starts to rain and I can't play with my hostas or go for a bike ride, I may just have to sew something!

I leave you with this charming little couple of bronze sheepdogs. 
I heart New Zealand! :)

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