11 August, 2010

V 1155 muslin

I love the futuristic, Star Trekky techno vibe of this Guy Laroche Vogue pattern, and the fact that it could be constructed as a two piece - jacket & skirt - as easily as a dress. 

So, here's the muslin.  Not bad.  I cut a 12, tapering to 10 at the waist, and doing a bit of an FBA to the side bodice.  I also lengthened the front bodice a little, and will lengthen it all around by probably 1 cm more, taking it out of the waistband, so the upper waistband seam will sit below rather than across the bust, and will be 1 cm narrower.   As designed, I find it a little clunky. 

I lengthened the sleeve to 3/4 length, and added a bit of a cuff mimicking the front peplums - with a bit of paper just for now.   Given our climate, not to mention climate-controlled interiors, a longer sleeve is more practical for fall than a short one.

I also lengthened the skirt by 6 cm - now  it's as short as I'm willing to go for work wear.  I'll also widen the underlap of the skirt, for modesty. 

Back view:  looks a little rumpled, but that's because it needs shoulder pads. 

This is going to be made out of a beautiful lightweight wool-poly blend in a fine textured weave with tan, baby blue, and black, sold as menswear suiting, which I found at Fabricland recently. 


  1. Looks good! It will be interesting made in menswear suiting. Less Star Trek, more architect.

  2. The fit is looking good. This is a flattering style for you! Can't wait to see the finished outfit!

  3. That's a very dramatic garment. I'll be anxiou to see how awesome the finished piece is.

  4. This outfit suits you. The fitting exercise was worth it.