28 March, 2010

Meet Jalie clam diggers: the well dressed, hopeful, gardener?

...and another long-sleeved Jalie tee (this gardener colour-coordinates to her implement!)  But, brrrr, it's hopeful gardening only today:  it's cold here this afternoon!

This is my first, test jean.  Normally I can easily get a pair of slacks out of 1.5 meters, but this fabric was narrower than the normal 150 cm, so the legs had to overlap - thus the clam-digger length. No matter, it was the body fit I was checking, not the length, and I really did want (& need) a pair of short ones.

I made size U, but I'm wondering if I should've gone a size smaller. Jeans aren't trousers - they should hug! They FEEL loose.  And there seems a bit too much fabric over the front.

It's a bit of a toss-up as to which length I'll go with - I think short, hubby suggests long. What say you?

Backside, you ask?

I knew I'd have to make some back adjustments: I scooped the crotch into an L and downwards about 1.5 cm, and took in the waist 3 cm on each side of CB.  So I changed the order of construction a bit: the two waistband halves were added first, and then the back was fitted (like with men's trousers). Only after I was happy with the fit, I sewed on the pockets and inserted the loops into the waistband; I had to open little sections for the loops, but as the waistband was being topstitched afterwards, that was fine. Finally, after the waistband was topstitched all around twice, I bar-tacked the loops to the top.

Actually everything else is topstitched too, though you wouldn't know it, as I used matching thread this time - I didn't want to fiddle with contrast hassles while fitting etc.  All the topstitching is done using the triple stretch stitch, so the pants won't be likely to pop when I bend down to pet a plant ;) gardening is a serious sport around here!

I'd welcome constructive criticism on this pair before I cut into my next iteration - yes really, please!!! I've never made jeans before so I'm totally tickled how these came together - and all the credit goes to Jalie's drafting, of course!


  1. Wow, I am impressed with the fit. I think they are fitting well. There is a little fullness in front, could it disappear after washing??? I wish I could give some advice, but I have never ever made a pair of jeans, nor a pair of well fitting pants. I think you did a great job. Hopefully you will get some good advice for tweaking the fit but they look good to me.

  2. I agree - these look excellent. Great length too! And you own the record for speedy jeans sewing, since you confessed you hadn't even traced it at noon on Friday. I'd still be staring at the tissue, I'm afraid.

  3. They look great! Definitely wash before you make final fit decisions. I vote with you for the shorter length.

  4. Ladies, I'm ever so grateful for the positive comments, much, much thanks! BUT: this garment isn't going to shrink any, I'm afraid: the fabric, before having been cut, already survived a cold wash/hot dry/hot wash/hot dry: any shrinkage that was going to happen already HAS. Well, I've been moping in front of a mirror or two, and think that the solution is to pinch another 2 cm out of CF - ie, tip the zipper - but only the next time. I'll let my garden suffer this iteration as is.

  5. They look great to me, but as a non-pants wearer I have no authority on the matter. They don't look too loose at all. But for a more traditional jean, maybe you would prefer a closer fit.