11 March, 2010

Leopard spots: let's throw down the gauntlet!

In its March 2010 issue, Burda declared itself for the animals in all of us: leopard spots and zebra stripes. Though I'm in the nation's capital, I only get access to any month's BWOF issue in the second - at best - week, long after many other sewists elsewhere have already picked'n'chosen their faves to make, and, lucky them, actually made'em. [I ask you, how fair is that?!]

Back to March '10 Burda: hooray! the natural touch will never go out of style. Leopard spots will find their way to fashion's foremost, no matter what.

I have in mind a lightweight wool challis - a beautiful pure wool, with a dark animal leopard-spot print. I have two luscious yards of the stuff for a dress...from (ETA: sorry, not Gorgeous Fabrics but) Emma One Sock, if you need to know.

I'm thinking of a simple long sleeved dress with some pleating near the neck, and gathering below the waist, perhaps a dropped-waist tie band - and a simple pleated skirt - for a simple, hopefully timeless, garment.


  1. I have always liked animal prints, in moderation. I thought this months Burda may have fallen just slightly outside the line of moderation, but then what's a fashion mag for, but to go to extremes! I love your wool and can't wait to see it become that dress!

  2. I love animal prints. Make a beautiful thing!

  3. Hi Digs! You commented on my blog about Fabricville. Yes it is in Eastern Canada. I live ni New Brunswick.
    Your fabric is gorgeous and I'll stop by again to see how your dress turns out.