07 March, 2010

Paris RTW Fall 2010

For something a little different, check out Pedro Lourenço - one doesn't see the leather ladder+beads and overlays on organza too often. I'm a fan of leather+fabric combinations anyway, and they've been appearing more frequently in recent years.

But it doesn't have to be organza - the concept lends itself to any other fabric combination, a jersey or even doubleknit, for example, so the garment has some give around all that leather.

Good colour-blocking shapes there. Check him out.

did a great daywear collection this time. The one long/one short sleeve concept with diagonal draping is superb, and the collection shows several examples of it.

Loved Azzaro... and the unique leather shapes of Haider Ackermann....

Comic relief? Well, Junya Watanabe's hair-as-hat conceit is distracting as all heck, but despite that, his well seamed coats and jackets are beautiful and flattering. And Undercover did a great Farmer-In-The-Dell-Goes-Urban collection. My mind kept wandering to Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice the whole time I was browsing this one; that's as pleasant a thought as any to end on.

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  1. These are some pretty bold interesting looks. It's amazing what some of these designers can do with leather:)