17 March, 2010

Forever in blue jeans?

In my previous life, I worked at a university so determinedly egalitarian that us profs had to duke it out with the madding hordes of students for a parking space, my male colleagues lectured in soccer jerseys (on a good day - or worse), and we all lived in jeans. In my case, black ones.

Am I feeling a tad nostalgic for those old days? Nah, I'm just getting a jump on spring, and using the excuse of brilliant weather to model one of my very few jersey outputs from last fall: BWOF 2-2008-123 (note how much lower the neckline is on me than on the model? hmph). I'll be making a bunch more soon, as I've inadvertently stashed a few other rayon knits, and, with the coming of warm weather, will want to use'em up.

To help me with sizing, I bought this cute blue zebra tee while in FL last week. I have a set of Jalie patterns winging their way to me for my casual spring campaign. YES, those FAMOUS jeans, and the updated tee pattern.

Those scruffy old black jeans? Hah, talk about vanity sizing! Gap tall bootcut size 4, and that's in a non-stretch heavy denim. I'll use these jeans' dimensions to make my first Jalie effort.

For the first pair, I'll use this charming scribble stretch cotton, a Vera Wang from Fabric Mart. When ordering, I'd hoped it would be light enough for a dress, but no (the same old story with internet purchases)- so jeans & jackets it is. I'm thinking they'd look perfect with a few strategic splashes of fabric paint on them.

This pinwheel & stripe stretch cotton IS light enough for a blouse or a dress. A shirtdress or a sun dress. Or both.


  1. What a fun print for jeans! I'm working on a plain boring blue pair. Spring says jeans to me, too. Can't wait to see how you like the Jalie pattern! I <3 it!

  2. The Jalie jean pattern is sure to take it's place in the Pattern Hall of Fame!

  3. I LOVE your tops. Esp. the red. Really, I don't think it's too low at all.

  4. I like your tops. I am busy trying to make a bunch of tshirts for summer/spring. My lifestyle is pretty much jeans&tshirts, so that is what I ought to sew. Though, I am not brave enough to sew jeans.

    I just found your blog because you commented on mine! It looks like you sew a lot of the clothes I am also interested in. I'd like to put you on my blog roll, assuming you don't mind. :)