27 February, 2010

More magnetic fun!

The EYES have it:

Oopsy-daisy! Can't pin it on me!!

Curious?? Intrigued?! that's two 3/4" rare earth magnets in their cups (hic!). The cups increase the magnets' strength by a factor of four - and keep all my pins from flying about. I can't even pry the magnets out of these cups any more - no way, nohow. Yep, they're strong! What is keeping the magnets to the box? the pins in the box! and vice versa! At last, no more Me the Clumsy Carp, always picking the Shower-Of-Pins off the floor....

Still working on my suit, and the jacket's so-so close to the finish!

Disclaimer: I probably could've had the suit finished last weekend, but I'm such a great fan of winter sports that the Olympics took precedence over Everything Else these past many days. Rah, rah, Canada!

As of this morning, the sleeves and hem are faced, and I am glad & relieved they are. It all felt a tad skimpy even before anything was turned up, and I feared the final product would look like it was made for a midget if I don't face the hems & sleeves. I bagged the lining/facings, pressed it all into submission, and now it's only a matter of adding some shoulder/upper back padding (shoulder pads, yes, the cashmere is so soft it needs to be supported), and closures. Closures, you ask?

I made my Decision: I'll use five 3/8" rare earth magnets and the washers that come with them. But I'll skip the cups.

Above you see, at left, a washer and magnet. They're the same thickness, 1/10".

And at right, a cup and two magnets. The cup's more than twice as thick as the magnet. So, for the sake of a smooth, slender, and sleek jacket front, I'm skipping the "magnet on steroids" uber-thick look. Just five little magnets sewn to the facing on one side, and five matching washers on the other. There will be pockets near the hip but no credit cards anywhere near this jacket.

And then there's the matching skirt to finish. Yawn. I'm SO ready for another (a spring!) project.

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  1. I must say that you have fascinating posts!! You could start a sewing related show on the Science Channel - "How Did They Sew That" or something.