13 February, 2010

Let's all take note of NY Fashion Week

For a start, a nice summary in the NY Times.

The UK's Telegraph has a somewhat different take on it, worth a good browse if only for the link to other shows (Milano, London, Paris).

I only had time to glance at the Chado Ralph Rucci show on Style.com, one of my go-to ideas places.

First I love the predominantly black & yellow colour scheme in the introduction:

Unlike some designers' whimsies, many of these outfits are eminently doable and easily wearable:

Early fall? How about a warm day in November, with a natural black and grey backdrop to this uber-soft yellow coat:

Two variations on a theme, with highlight slashes; love the shape of the black& purple jacket's sleeve:

A little peekaboo skirt for an evening out: yes, I'd dare, but it's not workwear:

Be still my heart! I love the shape and simplicity of this outfit, and the barely-there sandals:

And in the finale, this, IMO, is his best evening gown in this show. I ask you, how adorable is that pink silk slip peeking out from beneath a very grown-up BW column number? Note to self: real grown-ups would make that silk scarlet. Easily done.

Bravo, CRR! A great selection of fun stuff (I omitted the peekaboo jackets & dresses, but I like them too).


  1. So many of your choices are similar to what I liked too! I loved the short sleeved dress with the zipper and embellishment down the front! It was a great collection!