12 February, 2010

Chanel jacket solution: zip me up and zip me down

The jacket's front closure hooks were destroying the boucle - snagging and pulling on the loops, intolerable in moment-to moment wear. Upon returning home from work, I had to pull them back into the fabric body with a crochet hook. What's a girl to do? use her noggin to come up with another solution. Here, an exposed gold zipper to match the one at the back of the skirt. It adds a nice symmetry to the two pieces. One zips up above, the other down below. And adds a tiny bit of gold bling that I always felt the jacket needed.

Of course, since the jacket front's finished - sewed, understitched, prickstitched, and trimmed - I could only sew the zipper tape onto the lining. It's not how I'd have done it if the zipper was in the original plan, but I can live with it. The zipper adds nice heft to the jacket front - weighs it down, straightens and smooths it, the effect is a vast improvement to the fall of the garment. So, that's a battle I feel I've won.

Working on the dark brown-blue cash suit too - but slooooowly. I took a look at the V2218 top, compared it with my Go dress bodice, and decided I like the Go dress shape better: smaller, flatter side back panels, and larger, curvier side front panels (for a curvier me, natch!). I went with the Go pattern, created a top based on that bodice, muslined it - and it's a Go!


  1. The zip is a great solution, and the little bling it adds is a nice touch.

  2. Très bien le zip!!!
    BTW, You’ve been tagged. More explanations on my blog. It’s funny and won’t take to much of your time.

  3. Sometimes, we're forced into making the most perfect solutions! This one is a winner! Love it!

  4. Very nice - you are so productive!

  5. I love this solution. It's very practical and stylish. How lucky you are to find a zipper in a color that works. Usually I have to have one in an odd fabric and metal color!

  6. I love your Chanel jacket! It's beautiful and now it's even better! I love the zipper!