05 February, 2010

Burda At A Glance via PDF straight to you

Have scanner will share. The copyright disclaimer says "copying for commercial purposes is prohibited". But simple sharing is not. Yea.

The Burda At A Glance Archive is a pdf file, so you need Acrobat Reader to see it. Each month in it is bookmarked; the bookmarks are in chronological order but the pages are not (at least, not now), so use the bookmarks if you're of an orderly bent.

I have all the post 04-2008 issues so I'll add those in due course. I'll add this to the sidebar if/when I figure out how to do that. If not, I'll just update this entry when the pdf's updated. I'll shrink this file too, once I figure out how to do THAT. And when I've figured out how to get the pdf to simply open when it's clicked on, well, I'll do THAT. This is a work in progress.

Here's the kicker: do you want this experiment to grow beyond the issues I have? do you have any older BWOFs? If so, find a scanner, and send me (to artsanon at gmail dot com) a scan or a photo or photos of the pages or even parts of the pages, and I'll add them. I think any run of the mill image format will do.

Take that, B!

6/2/10 ETA: moved BAAGA to Google Groups. Seems more transparent.


  1. Whoa. You may be my hero! I have several from before that month. I can scan them. Dude, awesome.

  2. I have some oldies too. I have some of them scanned as .jpg files. Will that work? I'll send you what I have if you want them.

  3. Yup jpgs will do fine. Kay, you could also drop over any that aren't scanned yet, and I'll do it.

  4. I'd love to take a look at what you've put together, but when I click on the link, I'm taken to Nakido and they want me to download Nakido Flag, which I've never heard of. How did the rest of you view the pdf or do you have Nakido Flag?

  5. A suggestion - the file is already almost 9MB with only 7 months worth of line drawings scanned in. If you add all the ones I've got (approximately 30 months worth, ahem) the file will be completely unwieldy. Can you do them in smaller chunks of (say) 6 months at most? BTW I also scanned the covers with mine. I'm going to post them on Flickr rather than try to e-mail them.

  6. I'm like Lisa...I can't see 'em...get an error message - don't tease me this way. ;-) I feel exactly the same way - what happen to my old wonderful Burda archives...I have back to '98 - not sure you all want to go back that far, but the funny thing about Burda is that it's got a lot of classic stuff in it. I'll contribute to get that file on my hard drive!!! Merci, Danke, Gracias, Arigato and Grazie mille!!!!