21 February, 2010

Brown-blue cashmere: credit where 'tis due

Why? I occasionally employ two photogs, both wedded to their art. Ahem, in one instance, also to me. These here were taken by the SENIOR snapper. I complain so bitterly about the doggone awful results of his shutterbugging (ironically, at MY request), never permitting that it may be the subject of his attention, not his skill with the camera, that may be the cause... Today, the gentle soul demanded credit for his unstinting love and moral/logistical support. Of many years.

QED. But boy, he takes awful photos (of me).

This is part 1 of 3 of my cashmere skirt suit. The top is based on the Go 4001 dress, lined to the edge with dark brown silk jacquard, with a CB invisible zipper. I don't believe how long it took me to get this wee little thing done.

The last photo shows the long skirt - it's still unfitted, unfinished, unhemmed - but it gives the idea of a two-piece dress that'll go under the jacket. I'm lucky to have been able to eke out three pieces out of the length of fabric, and ditto for the silk jacquard I'm using for lining. Just barely enough, but enough. Basta!

Almost-black garments don't photograph well on freshly fallen snow. I had to do major exposure adjustments to show these. I do love the princess seaming of the top, though.

I'm just about done attaching the lining to the jacket. Problem is, I can't decide on closure. Buttons? Snaps? Nothing? I don't want buttonholes, ordinary or welt. I'm tending towards concealed six rare earth magnets from Lee Valley Tools just down the road, invisible and indestructible (except if ironed: you never ever iron a magnet).


  1. Magnets!! What a cool idea! The ensemble looks great.

  2. First, I love the shape of this shell. It fits you perfectly! You should make it over and over and over. I find that a sleeveless lined shell (in wool) terrific under jackets in winter. Really pretty!

    Re the jacket, I would wonder if earth magnets would be too strong. I bought some magnetic closures at Dressew in Vancouver when I was there last and they are not as strong as the earth magnets. The only other thing to think about is not holding your credit cards too close when wearing them!

  3. Your top is fit beautifully. Ditto with the skirt. You are very brave to stand in the cold without a coat!

  4. Love the top with the pants and skirt. You did a super job fitting it.

  5. Very nice fitting top, good use of the dress pattern. I have had that pattern forever and yet to make a dress from it. The pants and skirt look great as well.

  6. I am curious how you learned never to iron a magnet, but it is a genius idea for a closure. The princess lines on that top are lovely!