31 December, 2009

Happy New Year from New Yeark!

Just one view of Times Square, a day before the madding crowds arrive for the countdown:

...experienced as a by the way on a whirlwind and jaw-dropping tour of the fashion district.

Does this all-too-familiar man look happy? Yes, because Digs cheerfully exchanged a barrelful of little round disks with president Lincoln on them, for four yummy silks, which you'll see in due course.

Today NY clothed itself in 5 cm of lovely soft stuff. Picturesque!

I leave you with an image of lower Manhattan through a dirt-speckled window of the Staten Island ferry. It was bitterly cold that day, but brilliantly gorgeous!

Happy New Year, all you fun and wonderful sewists! May 2010 bring us all imaginative inspiration, fabulous fabrics, phantastic patterns, and roarin'great results. We rock, ladies!


  1. I wish You Happy New Year, be lucky und have a lot time to sew !

  2. Happy New Year! I can't believe you were in Times Square on the morning of New Year's Eve...I avoid that place like the plague during this time of the year! *LOL* Glad you got to go by Kashi's...it is a MUST for any garment sewist! Can't wait to see the pics of what you purchased!

  3. Glad you had a great time. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! I love, love your quick black dress. The purple tights are great with it!