16 December, 2009

LBD in an hour

Do we EVER know what we're going to make from a length of fabric when we get it? Especially when it's an internet, aka impulse, buy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Do we ever fear cutting into one, especially when it's something a little pricey, and "too nice" to err on? Ooooh yes. Big time.

Earlier this fall I sprang for 2 yds of a 50/50 cashmere-wool black/charcoal blend, with some silver metallic threads running through it, advertised as Ralph Lauren fabric. So super soft, so tantalizing that I got the dreaded cutter's block the second I touched it.

But not for long.

Bergdorf Goodman lists the lovely & simple frock above for a mere $2598! But only in size 4/6, so if you're not a poor little rich skinny minny, you're completely out of luck.

I gave my stuff a good steaming, and then pulled out the simplest pattern in the world, the one I used to make these two Missoni sweaters. Cut the body pieces on the bias, sewed with a narrow zigzag, added a little twill tape to shoulder seams, serged all seams together, turned all neck/sleeve/hem edges over & sewed down - ta-dah! I present to you a Genu-Wine cashmere RL LBD with long skinny sleeves and a mere cash saving of $2538.

Yeah, I know, it looks like a sack of potatoes - but when filled out with my lumps & bumps, it's a pretty sexy little number, says he. And just in time for the last office party this afternoon.


  1. Nice! Do we get some party pics later? I know I'd love to see it "all filled out with lumps and bumps".

  2. Are you kidding? I couldn't sew a handkerchief in one hour! Awesome!

  3. Each day better and better - I know that's right. Love your dress - but I don't ever find fabric like that on the internet.