13 December, 2009

"It makes your butt look HUGE" Hahahah!!!!!

Can ya just believe it?! That's coming from my bestest fan of 20-plus years. Can we all please scream in unison: hypercritical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLAP! (ooh, that felt SOOO good...)

I'm not going to belabour all the observations from my review of this little garment. Yes, the jacket's shorter than usual - but BWOF made it that way for a reason: maybe to knock off this Stella McCartney cape? If not identical, certainly very, very similar.

I can't say the process was entirely painless - first, I cut the cape fronts at 90 degrees to the back, and, since this is a rectangular plaid, there was NO way to match them up - so I had to re-cut the fronts by overlaying the back onto some virgin fabric - IMO the ONLY way to get it right, friends! but then, as if that wasn't enough wastage, I cut the wrong piece in half - and then had to re-cut the back. I now have four quarter-cape pieces in my stash, I think they want to be side princess sections of a sheath dress somewhere down the line.... oh, and did I mention that EVERYONE makes mistakes (sigh)?! So, to atone for my cutting sins, I ordered 4 more yds of this yummy plaid from Michael.

In closing, Kay has been insistent on getting an answer to the following topological question: how does one fit a cape jacket under a regular coat????? good question Kay, and I've been asking myself the same thing from about day two of making this baby...

By process of elimination:

1. Stuff the cape into a raglan-sleeved coat/jacket: raglan sleeves offer more ease than standard set-in sleeves
2. Fold the back of the cape up over one's shoulders, aka shawl collar-like, hoping like heck that you've made it out of non-wrinkling fabric (I actually think this one will work in my case, this cash-silk fabric refuses to wrinkle)
3. Carry the jacket to work and put it on once there :( accepting the cold commute
4. Make a cape coat to cover your cape jacket - OK, definitely doable, definitely gorgeous, except that I'm all coated out for the season....so maybe in March....
5. Wait till REAL spring (May? June???) and wear it as the outergarment. This one's definitely NOT an option - I'm taking this look to work tomorrow!!!!


  1. Way freaking cute! Let us know how it works IRL... But I don't think it makes your butt look big.

  2. Can I slap him too?? Thanks for answering my pesky question. I would like to see this one in real life! Maybe we can meet up again to exchange WOFs - I need that one back (cape sewing??) and would dearly love to borrow July 2008...

  3. Beautiful! I like the cape over cape idea.

  4. Your butt cannot look big, since it isn't. Great cape. Enjoy wearing it.