07 December, 2009

The Great Cape Caper

Yep, that's my current project. Almost done, too! I just have to get the buttons & D-ring, and make six buttonholes!

Beeeeg thanks, Kay, for loaning me the issue - it's Aug. 2007 for the rest of you, pattern 111. The tech drawing shows a couple of irksome little things: one, why are the lowest buttons under the belt?! I'm putting mine below it. Two, why is the jacket so short that there's no room for pockets?! Mine's also this short - and it has horizontal pockets sneaking into the front sections - but I'm warnin' ya, pattern, if I don't like the look of those pockets pooching out through the ff, they'be getting the chop!

The fabric is fab. A cashmere silk blend in shades of brown and cream - the cash makes it super soft, the silk makes it glow. From Michael's, and he still has some (pssst: on sale!).

So, I'll be combining the jacket with this skirt (104 from June 2009), without the welt pockets (possibly also without the waistband):

But that'll take a few more days. I'll change the overlap and button spacing to match the cape, of course.

Edit: a question re. interfacing. Since I made the cape fronts on the bias, I want to repeat that motif in the skirt. I'd like to stabilize that with some interfacing, so it doesn't sag; should I interface in the same direction as the fabric, or should I apply it vertically? Any tips from you nice lot?

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  1. Fabulous cape!! And that skirt is on my to-sew list. So many patterns...so little time.