04 January, 2010

Pepper Paisley coat dress: almost, almost there

I coulda, shoulda had it finished already, but after spending 7.5 hrs driving home from NYC on Friday in slightly abysmal conditions (saw two cars spun off the road, but hey, have 4x4 will stick to road), a weekend of mostly goofing off was too delicious.

Did I line it? No! I'm one of the rare dinosaurs who wear full slips.

So, yet to come, stretch lace seam binding on the facing, and buttonholes. I tried to make my Kenmore buttonholer gadget (came with my Ultra Stitch 12) work yesterday and totally failed. Cri de coeur: would anyone out there have instructions for the beast?


  1. I love how the pattern falls in this dress. You did an amazing job with placing the pattern pieces! Almost there!!!

  2. Looks awesome! Your layout worked out really well.

  3. Just wow! You will love wearing this one!

  4. WOW! That is the most gorgeous paisley fabric and matched really well. Beautiful.