16 January, 2010


I fried my wonderful little laptop this morning (please don't ask - please!). That really hurts. I hope it can be repaired, because there are some very-very-very-close-to-my-heart photos in it, and not of sewing, either. I'm not the weepy kind, but just thinking of them going poof forever makes me tear up - that's how important they are. Yeah, only to me. Only, only to me. Stupid me. Sob.

On to sewing - no photos, I'd have to borrow hubby's icky laptop to read the camera's memory, this old clunker I'm on doesn't have a chip reader... but the paisley dress & red jacket are done and Have Been Worn! The jacket needs to be jazzed up with some gold baubles a la watch-chains. Like this one:

Or maybe these:

Life goes on. After little disasters as well as the big ones.


  1. Oh I do hope you get your pictures back.
    I had that happen and I know that feeling,and ever since then I back up "everything".

  2. Oh no! It's amazing how attached we get to collections of electrons. I'm a mess when my computer goes out. I hope it can be fixed.

  3. I'm so very sorry. It's never nice to have a tech melt down but especially with such important pictures. Here's hoping they can be restored.

  4. I'm chuffed to report that I have seen THE DRESS being worn, and it is wonderful in every way. I am so sorry though to hear of the laptop problem. I hope it works out and someone can retrieve all the photos...