22 February, 2011

KAF Look of the day

With  drastic temperature changes from morning to mid-day to evening,  frequent though brief showers and a nearly complete lack of any cover from fiercely bright sunlight between them, layering is the correct approach.

The long-sleeved tee is Jalie 2805, from a delicious blue-tan heathered stretch cotton from Emma One Sock; the slacks are my self-developed TNT, from a stretch cotton herringbone in very pale tan, an exact match to the local dried mud, accessorized with one of my keyhole silk chiffon scarves - wonderful for keeping the neck warm. Barbed and razor wire form a common thread in the local scenery.

The boots and coat were my big but essential purchases for this assignment.  The coat (though it has absurdly long sleeves) is roomy enough for a thick under layer and did a beautiful job doubling as a very warm blanket on the two long haul flights that got me here. 

 I'm standing in front of the Canadian memorial to our servicewomen and men, who lost their lives in the line of duty here.  The sculpture is an inukshuk.


  1. Very chic look for an Air Force Base. I really enjoy seeing sewn garments worn in situ. I was amazed that your scarf and cozy knit top were the few flashes of color in your pictures, except for signage and metalwork. A Google search on KAF pulled up some interesting documents including one issued by the USAF, welcoming new arrivals and containing need to know info. Of interest to me was the temp. ranges (as you mentioned). That you are right in the middle of the rainy season, Nov-May and can expect a whopping 5-7 inches. And that KAF is in a year-round malaria risk zone requiring everyone to be on anti-malaria medication. I always though Malaria was a problem in tropical climates. I learn new things every day.

  2. Glad to hear that you arrived safely! Looking forward to more photos of your wardrobe and stories of your experiences.

  3. I visited your blog because I noticed your profile picture: Modigliani is my favourite artist... Well, I am glad I am here... it is always very refreshing to read how sewing is a part of our life experience in general.