28 January, 2011

Buttons can be beastly

Thanks to my recent push to finish the various and sundry shirts and jackets, I found myself facing 10+9+9+8+9+8 buttons to sew on.  Ummm... nope.  Mind-numbingly, tooth-achingly boring. In an instant I knew it wasn't going to happen.

My solution? I machine-sewed them on. All you need is a zig-zag foot and a cover plate for the teeth, and simple two-hole buttons. 

This worked like a charm and saved me time and sanity.  Perfectly?  Well, almost.  In my enthusiastic run to the finish I failed to align the second to last - I kid you not - button correctly - with the following result:

Arrrgh, right?  My crystal ball predicts a completely unnecessary unavoidable run to Fabricland in my near future.

As for the rest, I settled on one set of hammer-in-an-eyeblink jeans buttons (yea!), and one set of shanked metal ones.  I took my sweet time about it and sewed those 8 by hand.  Zen and the art of patient sewing!


  1. It really doesn't pay to gang-up the "finishing" of numerous projects, I take it? Hope there was no serious damage done to either you or the machine whilst button mangling!

  2. Eep! I always sew non-shank buttons by machine. Life is too short.