02 September, 2010

She came, she sewed, she conquered!

Her self-designed, self-directed sweet little project, which was a silk-lined sacque ;) for the boyfriend's smoking (licit!) paraphenelia.  Mother provided a little direction, the standby sewing machine, some of the corduroy that was meant to be little bro's fall slacks, and a bit of mom-dyed silk twill that matched the brass clip perfectly IRL (in real life, Katie dearest!) though not apparently so in the photo due to the sun's reflections.

"I never thought sewing was so mathematical!" exclaimed the young lady, while calculating the circumference of the circular base so that the sac's vertical walls - a perfect cylinder - would match it.  After that, adding all the seam allowances was a breeze. 

But then came the question of how to make the base as stiff as a baseball cap's peak (love the readily-relatable reference!).  Solution:  fusing to it two layers of horsehair interfacing,  at right angles to each other. 

We know the BF will be thrilled - how can he not be, with the sacque matching his rosebriar pipe so perfectly?! 

And what did mother do all the while?  Enjoyed the banter and blather, and finished her 3-day (that she thought would be a 1-day, but got severely distracted) green linen jacket.  Yes, the green linen that on Monday was meant to be a dress.  It still might become one, as there's green linen here aplenty.

Tomorrow, we sew dresses.  Stay tuned.

PS.  Draw for the O de la R coming right up!

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  1. Oooh, I don't have IRL on my list!!

    Love the pipe matched bag, and double love that she made it herself! Strong work, Mom!