09 April, 2010

Did you notice????!!!

Pattern Review has added a nifty little tweak to its Comments feature: the commenter's icon now appears along with her (or, albeit rarely, his) comment.

For example:  this one!   Now, when checking out all the pats & brickbats your sewing mates choose to give you for your effort, you can attach a face - or not, as in (ahem) yours truly's instance - to the kudos and guffaws.   And, we never forget a face, do we? So this will aid in keeping things civil. Won't it?  Yes. Indeed.  Emphatically.

Love it! A wonderful touch! Thank you, Deepika!

Oh, and BTW: Did You Know? 

1 comment:

  1. Interesting little video. Makes me think a liberal arts education is the way to go!