15 March, 2012

Anatomy of a boucle

It's spring break here at home, so I have a bit of time to play.  Over the past couple of days I gleefully reacquainted myself with my "tiny" stash.  I pondered various colour & fabric combinations - one seemed too automney, another too summery... This one, in grey with pink and blue (mostly) thrown in to cheer it up seems like the perfect between-seasons fabric.  It's lovely and soft, lightweight, and, of course, wool.  Wanting to get enough of the pink and blue fibres to get a Pantone match, I frayed out a few of the threads.  The result surprised me:   
The bottom loopy thread is a boucle'd pink yarn.  The three rows above it are very fine yarns that grade from a cream to a dark grey at regular intervals.  My biggest surprise was the "blue thread. It's actually a highly complex concoction of thickish blue and beige yarn punctuated by little "self-lumps", and completely encased in a "stocking" made up of two very fine black yarns.  
And that's only on the warp. The weft is mostly black and a rusty sort of beige, and some of those threads are also spun together from very two different coloured fibres. Wow.  I had NO idea that boucle could be this complicated.  
I have the threads lying on some grey wool crepe, of which I seem to have a tonne.  A jacket and grey crepe wool dress would be a nice start.... then maybe matching slacks, a skirt?  The pink is the dominant non-neutral, and when separated, it's a surprisingly clean, bright, cheerful pink.  I don't have anything very lightweight in this colour, but I do have some light pink linen - so the grey boucle could work nicely as a coverup for my refrigerated office in summer, with a linen dress underneath.  

Right now I'm working on another knit wool dress in Missoni.  Third time's the charm.  Of the two I made previously, I really like the bias cut, so I'm repeating that here.  Because it's much easier to place bias layout pieces individually, I made the full complement of complete pattern pieces out of cotton broadcloth.  

I got 1.5 yds of this fabric, which is perfectly enough for both a bottom band and a wide cowl.   

So:  that's tomorrow's project. Goodnight, Miz Scarlett:  tomorrow is another day....


  1. what a beautiful Missoni knit ! I'm looking forward to see your dress

  2. That is a beautiful bouclé! Thank heavens for the imagination of the people who designed it!

  3. Very interesting--thank you for sharing the results of your experiment! I have a similarly complex boucle in stash. I'll get to it someday... Love the idea of cutting the Missoni print on the bias.