11 July, 2011

Civvies get medals too!

I feel honoured to have received it from our Commander himself. 
This is actually a sewing-related post!  For the ceremony I picked my "almost-camo" outfit, which consists of wide leg trousers and matching bias-cut tank top (seen peeking out from beneath the jacket) in a very soft, loose weave linen (Fabricland), and the Vogue 1036 Today's Fit Betzina jacket in a cross-weave tan-peach linen (Gorgeous Fabrics).  You already saw the jacket on a coat hanger here.  Colour-wise, this is the closest I have to our Canadian combat fatigues, and it generally blends in beautifully with the local colour scheme, not to mention the locals:

Blending into the local scenery
On an average day (which is every day - think Groundhog Day - each day is just like the one before)  I can be exuberantly colourful:

The Last BBQ at TFK HQ
Again, wide leg trousers and a tank top covered by a lightweight, unlined jacket, all in linen. 

Our combat mission is now over, and I too shall be coming home. Soon.  Hello, my beautiful green Ottawa!!!


  1. Congratulations!! I'm glad all that mad preparatory linen sewing worked out so well. You look very chic and cool.

  2. Well, well! Nice medal; nice adoring young men (or just thirsty perhaps?); and very nice "camo" outfit. You look fabulous as usual. Ottawa is green today, and humid (but not Afghanistan-hot). See you soon!

  3. Congratulations on the medal! Love your zebra print "camos."