08 January, 2011

A (Straight) jacket a day

Will keep boredom at bay. That's the plan.  For my grand adventure, I'm taking along the following seven jackets:

Oh, you noticed there's only six patterns there?  Indeed.  Can we please pretend that my Xmas present, the Finny Solingen shears, are the missing seventh?  In my mad rush to tidy up for Christmas I misplaced V1036.  It's hiding somewhere, and doing it very well today.  No matter! I can prove to you I did really complete it - not that you'd ever doubt it, but it feels ever so silly to show just patterns instead of products.

Don't you hate how flat and shapeless a garment looks on a coat hanger?  It's actually a very cute jeans jacket. With a very interesting shaped waistband.

 Topstitching, oh yes. I must've topstitched a marathon these past few weeks. Are we having fun yet? Luckily, the fabric (a beautiful linen, btw) was way too thick/coarse to flat fell.  All seams are serged with thread that is such a good match, you can't even tell it's there - lucky me! and then double-topstitched.  The joys of a topstitching/edging foot cannot be overstated!  

So, progress is being made here in the Straightjacket asylum.  I will actually have eight jackets, because I decided to take along my M5396 green linen jacket.  I made another version of it - different fabric/colour/lapels - no one but you will know that it's in its 3rd iteration (the 2nd was inadvertently, sadly destroyed).

I have just over a month before I hop on that CF Hercules.  My to-do list intimidates even me:

1.  fleece jacket: a must! it's going to be c-c-c-cold when I get there.
2. wool sweater hoodie a la my daughter's Friar Tuck sweater
3. two (maybe three) long sleeved lightweight cotton shirts (at least two). I'd make more, but there's just NO time!
4. a bunch of long sleeved tees: have the fabrics, have the Jalie patterns, BUT: do I have the time?
5. two pj's using TNT tanktop and TNT pants, capri length, in cotton batik.  In a pinch, could skip. 
6. gym stuff.  Have the fabric but.... see #5.
7. sun hats to match my snazzy jackets.  Am I crazy?!!!

What I really need is the sewing version of a scullery maid.  I'm waiting, with bated breath, for a volunteer.

In the meantime, I'm about to be foolish. Instead of focusing on what I NEED, I'm officially thumbing my nose at the above list and wasting investing the next couple of days on BWOF 4-2008-107.  Oh yes.  If I can't wear silly clothes in a war zone, where on earth can I?!!!  Plus, in a neutral tan linen, it'll be the perfectly, uberly, cool look over any of my multi-coloured long-sleeved tees. 

Pencil? Check! Parchment paper? Check! Miles and miles of topstitching thread?  (sigh) Check!


  1. The list makes even me pause! But I have faith in you that you can get most of this list accomplished!!!

  2. Prodigious describes her! You can borrow my Jalie fleece jacket pattern any time. I'm probably not contagious any more...

  3. The jacket looks great, I love all the details. Good luck getting all this done in time, you can do it, even without a sewing scullery maid!

  4. Wow!! You can do it! I'll be cheering you on here from the sidelines - and wishing for my own scullery maid.

  5. I am totally in favor of taking a break from utilitarian sewing to make something fun to wear! You can buy whatever you need last minute, esp PJs and gym clothes.

  6. You are a total dynamo--and I know how good everything you make looks in person! Bon Voyage--my best wishes are with you--Love, Beth

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