16 November, 2011

Civilization HO!

I'm  baaaack!  Here are some last-minute parting shots of my wild-wild-east, Central-Asian, rocket-attack-ducking adventure: 
Civvies wear cadpat too!!! (but no guns....)
...at (rocket-attack-siren) times, with helmets!!!
A very fond goodbye to my dear friends (with guns)...
...each week's growing crowds of running mates...
...and sleep-deprived coffee buddies (nb, made-by-me running top)!
...and Hello, sewing machine!

Well.  That was then... and this is - three months later - now. My sewing machine's on the table, with the chosen fabric - a gorgeous navy wool-silk blend - and the pattern, a classic shirt dress - nearby, all awaiting my attention.  But - ever since I got back, family life's been interfering with my selfish sewing plans.  I've been focusing on, ahem, intellectual matters - meh! big time unproductive!  So, this week, let's see if I can get my scissors & needle in gear!