12 January, 2011

Are we still making white shirts?

If so, click on the Never Too Many White Shirts Project button at left.  It'll take you to Barbara's "sewing on the edge" post on the subject, from where you can browse her other white shirt accomplishments; the latest being the very funny and very pretty Tom Jones blouse (sex bomb, sex bomb!).  Great job, Barbara!

But wait, there's more!  The NY Times has a slide pictorial on white shirts!  All men's shirts, but no matter, we can all happily wear guy stuff and call it "boyfriend" this'n that: boyfriend sweater, boyfriend shirt, boyfriend jeans, etcetera.   My fave?  #5, the Ralph Lauren,  with its cutaway collar, french cuffs, and a cool $395 out of your wallet.  I love the sense of smugness that price tag generated in me:  yessirs, I can do that! 

Parting shot:  my happy-silly 4-2008-107 waistcoat, all but done; just waiting for the last round of topstitching, buttonholes, and the buttons to be attached.

I was trying it on over my long sleeved rayon tees, and can already say I'm going to love wearing it. If nothing else, it says: come on over and talk to me! all the while professionalizing (we can "verb" anything these days, right?) out of the tees  their intrinsic casualness.

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  1. Love, love, love the little pleats on the sleeves!