29 October, 2009

I love a good costume party...

...and I've made my share of wearable art for the occasion in years gone by. This year, no one has prevailed upon me for a costume, even though a party or two will be attended.

If I was to attend a costume party this weekend, this (credit) is where I'd start my costuming:


In the spirit of the season, this was my casual Friday outfit at work: Royal Winnipeg Ballet sweatshirt from the Dracula ballet I saw - and loved - many-many years ago, silk dupioni slacks I'd made; accessorized with the boots, red silk scarf, red earrings, and deep red/nearly black nail polish. Enough makeup to scare the dead. Bright red lipstick, but alas, no fangs.

Trick-or-treating night tonight - take good care of all your littles.

28 October, 2009

Yikes, another sewing blog!

Yep. Stick around a few months, and we'll see how she flies. No promises, no guarantees.

The title? Oh, that's because I love making jackets the most, and it's what I aim to air here. A new jacket is just yum! Love making jackets, love making coats. I make the other stuff - the supporting actors, so to speak - also, of course. I like making the occasional dress; I tolerate - OK, OK, enjoy - making matching tops & blouses to my jackets. The rest - skirts, slacks - eh, one can't run around town with a bare behind, so that makes them my bare necessities.

Linguistically, it's a double pun: I sew a Straight Jacket, an honest and true garment, and hopefully not a Straitjacket, a narrow (strait), illfiting restraining device. Each post is a Muse, as in "one little musing out loud", on the subject of making jackets and coats. If you're English and don't look at the spelling too hard you might think "Mews", a word describing living quarters above a carriage house, on a paved court. In modern parlance, rooms above the garage. Right now my sewing mews exist only in my imagination.

Me, you ask? just another sewer with a crazy working life and lots of long cold northern latitude evenings to fill. I share my life & home with two pets of the two-legged variety - neither of whom are of the avian persuasion - one much smaller than me, the other much bigger. Both have been the recipients of my sewing largesse; which, to be honest, isn't all that large.

That's it, folks! Gotta run & play taxi.