10 February, 2015

Booties for baby

Wow I can't believe I actually made these.  This utterly charming pattern is by Misusu, a lovely and generous person whose work typically focuses on the youngest amongst us, but who has also recently made available a very interesting blouse pattern (more on that below).

This downloadable pattern comes with several sizes already pre-drawn, which will allow your crafting prowess to keep up with the growing infant. Using some cotton remnants, I made the size 10 (10 cm long sole), which is about 3 months size.  The instructions that come with the pattern are great - the only change I made is to attach the back tab to the outer part of the bootie before sewing the inner and outer ones together. This makes it easier to turn and sew that last seam line smoothly.

Now, about the blouse?  Audrey had made it recently, and it was her discussion and very pretty result that led me to its pattern, which in turn led me to the booties.  The blouse looks like something I'd love to make;  even more, I love the opportunity to draft the pattern from scratch based on the dimensions Misusu gives, again, in downloadable form. What a great idea! it saves printing all these pages to tape together, and makes us stretch our abilities just a tad.

Thank you, Misusu, for your very real contributions to our sewing.


  1. Cute booties and also really like the blouse, but not sure how I would go with drafting it, one day.

  2. The blouse is great isn't it? And very cute booties!

  3. I wish I had little ones to sew for. I really liked M the isusu pattern for the top with the sewn in bow. Maybe someday.