12 March, 2012

Grey linen jacket: pattern answer for Unknown

 A while back I posted an action shot ;) of my grey linen jacket in "A different kind of embroidery".  In that post, I called it a Montana jacket, as it turns out, wrongly.  It's in fact a Sandra Betzina pattern, Vogue 7610.  It's an old, old pattern, not available from Vogue any more, not even in their out of print category, but I spotted a copy on ebay today, so obtaining it isn't entirely out of the question!

There's a lot of seaming in the body, per the line drawings:  fitting opportunities, anyone? 
I omitted the breast pockets but left the pocket flaps, updated from a traditional to an asymmetrical trapezoidal shape that I thought played well with the seaming lines below it.
Trapezoidal pocket flap

Nice pointy back yoke....

The second jeans jacket  I made, in peach-tan linen, was also a Betzina - not Montana :) - jacket:

Vogue 1036.
This one, Vogue 1036, is still available in the Today's Fit category.  It has rather less seaming on the body, but more than makes up for it with the very fanciful sleeves!  I particularly liked its between-the-seams pockets, so I borrowed that detail for the grey one as well: 

Bottom waistband is at left: I rotated them, but blogger rotated them back, grrr!
 I used a mixture of serger and french finishing.  Serged vertical seams of the body are held down with topstitching.  I gave the yoke some nice hand-basting TLC, and frenched both top & under sleeve seams. Since sleeves might be rolled up on occasion, I wanted them to look finished.

This poor jacket and its matching slacks spent six - count'em! - months stuck in an unaccompanied baggage barrack box, and arrived home only recently.  Judging by the water staining here & there, they got a little wet in transit. They're now soaking in a hot solution of oxy and borax, getting ready to face the summer season.  In March?!  Why not summer in March, asks the eternal optimist.

26 March: a small update to show jacket in full, front and back.  It's  freshly out of the washing machine, spanking clean, very wet, and very unabashedly wrinkled. Dried like this it'll be easier to iron when the time comes.

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  1. I am the unknown poster. Thanks so much for providing the info. I thought the jacket looked a little like Vogue 1036 (the pockets) but the pattern looked different. Thanks again.