20 January, 2010

Variations on a theme

The uber-simplicity of Akris twangs my heart strings. Amazingly, even when not totally austere, Akris continues to worm its way into my consciousness. What's there not to adore about this jacket, for example:

I'm melting over those sculptural sleeves. They seem to be THE signature pointe of Akris' 2010 Resort collection. Repeated several times, in case you failed to spot it first time:

and not only in jackets, but in softer, blouse-like fabrics too:

I can just see myself waltzing into a meeting wearing a dusty-rusty suit like that top one. With a back peplum and skirt princess seams to match.


  1. It would be fun to make a muslin of that sleeve. It looks doable.

  2. One word: WOW! Thanks for the link. I can see why you told me I had to look at Akris!

  3. I found the blouse at Neiman Marcus http://tinyurl.com/ydar4w7
    It's almost $1000!! Well worth cloning...

  4. Akris is so spectacular...as are their prices. I snoop shop them at Saks just to check out the cool details and fabulous fabrics. They always make me want to run home and start sewing.

  5. The sleeves are a great design element. I like all renditions of this signature point. I think you should make it!